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You're the best at what you do, but you need to convince potential customers of this fact. Set yourself apart from the hobbyists and weekend warriors with a real one page website and done-for-you marketing plan to help people find you in your local area.

What Most Small Businesses Do To Find Work:

Scenario 1

Create a business card online.

Look for people to request work on places like Facebook.

Post your business cards in the comments.

Pray someone calls you & you get the job.

Scenario 2

You do great work & people know you do good work.

You leave your business card & ask them to refer you to their friends and family.

You pray that they refer you & you get a call for a project.

The Problem?

If everyone else is doing these things, how will you stand out? How will you compete? How will you rise to the top?
. . . what if there was a different way?

Let's Do Something Different

With Get Found Locally, you are able to rise to the top of your industry as a trusted local business. Sure, there are many big name companies out there, but those aren't who you are competing against. You need to stand out from the local crowd.

Here's how we get you to the top of the local business searches and impress potential customers in your area:

Stand out from other locals by having your own website – the one stop place to send all your leads and capture their information to follow up.

Show up in Google search results for your services because people love working with you (and there's a track record to prove it).

Grow in authority & trustworthiness to always be the top choice in your select field because you have presented yourself as the obvious choice.

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How Does It Work?

One Page Website Get Found Locally

You get a Pre-Designed one page website That Is Designed To Convert.

No more sending people to a Facebook page or "" URL. You officially get a one page website of your own!

This one page website is tailored to answer potential questions, show testimonials, show your skills, and set you apart from the crowd. Best part is that you can have ZERO technology knowledge and still have a great looking website (plus it will pry look better than your competition's DIY website).

Best part? You don't build it! You fill out a contact form, and then I do the rest! You'll be able to quickly update your content once it's live, but once you fill out the simple form, you don't have to do anything else! That's my job–your job is to run your business.

Need to update your services or content? No worries, every year you get free content updates based on your growing business.

Let's be honest, a 1 page website that works is way better than a 10 page website that does nothing for your business.


You get a review request web app to help you quickly gain more reviews.

The fastest way to grow your business is with reviews, and the best time to ask for a review is as soon as you finish your project. With this app, you have the ability to send a review request via text message or email on the spot! Best part? Unlike most review request platforms, these emails aren't sent from a third party email address or number. You use your own phone's text message platform and default email platform to send the review so that they can contact you in the future.

Even though EVERY business should have a Google Business Profile, you can send your reviews to any location, such as Yelp, Facebook, BBB, Angies, etc.

Pretty simple, huh?

Contact Form That Texts You Get Found Locally

Get all of your contact form entries texted directly to your phone.

Most people these days fill out contact forms to request a quote or call, not call phone numbers. However, you're a busy person who doesn't have time to keep up with your email. With Get Found Locally, you don't have to! Every time someone fills out the contact form, you are instantly texted with the entire message! That way, you can call the person back quickly and not lose a potential job to someone who is simply waiting at home for a message.

So if you never look at your website again, that's okay! You still get leads.

Email Reports Get Found Locally

Get weekly emails on how many people visited your website and filled out a contact form.

Never be in the dark about how well your website is performing. Every week, you will get an email for both the contact form and the statistics plug-ins that we put on the website so that you can know exactly how well your website is doing! That way, if you start to post your website in groups, you can see how many people visited your web page that week compared to how many people filled out the contact form.

Again, you never need to access the website to see how it's performing because your website tells you directly!

Email Tips

Contact Your Clients Or Sales Leads, Directly From The Backend Of your Website

Email marketing is still the #1 way to market because with email, you get to speak directly with your audience without being hidden by an algorithm. With Get Found Locally, you are able to contact your entire customer list quickly and efficiently—all from the backend of your website! Whether you have a new service, a seasonal offering, or want to simply say, "hey!" you can email your clients directly from the website.

Plus, when folks "request a quote" from you, they get added to a "sales lead" list so that you can continue marketing to folks who have never paid for your service.

If someone works with you once, you better believe they will work with you again! Sometimes, you just have to ask.

Want to see get found locally in action?

Want to see how it all works? Click the button below where you can watch the video walkthrough and see the 2 current templates.

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Who Is This For?

Get Found Locally is not for everyone. GFL is specifically designed for:

Businesses that work directly with their customers

Businesses that operate with integrity and care about delivering an awesome experience

Businesses that benefit from word-of-mouth referrals

Businesses that are ready to finally get online

Businesses that have a very limited budget

If the focus of your business is primarily product oriented like an e-commerce business or if you need a full scale website, Get Found Locally is not for you.

Examples of Businesses We Help Include:

Lawn and property care specialists

Handy-man service

Residential Construction Work


Mobile auto detailing

Personal Coaches

Event Planners/Coordinators


Your business

View Example Websites

Who Am I?

My name is Marc Hyde, and I work specifically with the owners of small businesses who want to gain traction in their local community and win new clients without having to gamble their money rolling the dice on traditional online marketing.

I am a full time website designer and developer, and have built over 50 websites in recent years for local businesses, churches, school, and brands. Sadly, though, I know there are many businesses cannot afford a full-scale website built by agencies – even though businesses owners know the value of an amazing website.

To close the gap between small, local businesses and a way to grow their business online, I developed and built Get Found Locally.

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How To Get Started

After watching the video walkthrough, choose your payment option and pay the fee.

Fill out the content intake form that will be emailed to you. You will also need to purchase your own domain through GoDaddy.*

We launch your website in as little as 1 week with your provided content and images.*

*view FAQ


There is only one Get Found Locally system, but we offer two different payment plans. This way, you can choose the plan that best serves your business.

Yearly Subscription

/year + FREE setup fee

Two months free compared to month to month!

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Monthly Subscription

/month + FREE setup fee

Works out to $948 per year.

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