Content Intake Form

Below is the form that we will use to create your website! Now, you will need to finish this form in one sitting to you must have your images ready to go to upload them to the website. 

There are 6 short sections. At the end of each section, you will see a "next" button until you get to the end of the form. This form should take no longer than 20-30 minutes (in total) to complete.

If you do not have images or a logo for your website, that's okay! For the images, we will find images for you. If you don't have a logo, your company name will simply appear in the top of the website instead of a logo.

GFL Intake Form

Let's get started! Let's start with your basic business information.

Here's a reference point for the next few questions:


Intake Reference 1




Intake Reference 1 2

This section is for section 2 of the example websites. This section tells people about your business. This section helps differentiate you from your competition and sets you apart.


Here's a reference image for this section.


Intake Reference 2

Let's talk about your services. Tell me about your services. Use the box below to list all of your services. Include the service title and an explanatory description of each of the services.

Let's talk about the "About" section of the web page. This is all about you and your business.

Let's put in a handle of testimonials in for your business. We want at least 2 testimonials, no more than 4.

Finally, let's get your portfolio ready.

Upload up to 15 photos as you'd like that you'd like for us to include in your project gallery? We recommend shooting for 9-15 images in total.