Step 1: Purchase Your Own Domain Name

After you sign up for a Get Found Locally plan, you are required to purchase your own domain name—this way, you are sole owner of your domain name. To purchase your own domain name and then provide what is called “Delegate Access” to our primary email address,

Here’s the quick detail of the steps (pictures to follow):

  1. Register for an account at
  2. Purchase whatever domain name you’d like there (it’s wise to pay for the Full Domain Protection is it protects your personal information but it’s not required)
  3. After you purchase the domain, click on “Account Settings” and then “Delegate Access”
  4. Then, add my contact information (Marc Hyde for the name and as the email) into the “People who can access my account” area
  5. That’s it!

1. Register for an account at GoDaddy

I recommend GoDaddy because it’s the easiest way to allow access to me and my team to connect the domain name to the hosting plan. Once you register for your account, you can then search for a domain name for your business. For the domain name, pick something simple and that makes the most sense for your business.

2. Purchase a domain name (and go through the settings)

Select a domain name and put it in your cart your purchase.

Purchase Domain Name

You’ll be greeted with many different upsells from GoDaddy, but here’s what you need:

Length of Renewal: I recommend 2 years minimum. It’s the best bang for the buck with discounts.

Domain Protection: You don’t need either protection, but I recommend at least do the Full Domain Protection to protect your personal information.

Full Protection

Uncheck This Box: You aren’t building a website at GoDaddy so make sure that you uncheck this box.

Uncheck The Box

Email Options: If you’d like to purchase a professional email address, feel free to do such! This isn’t a part of the Get Found Locally deal, but if you’d like to purchase a professional email, now is a great time to do it. You don’t need to do this, though. You can simply use a free Gmail email address and be a-okay!

3. Provide Delegate Access

Click out “Account Settings” and then “Delegate Access.”

Account Settings

On the next screen, click the “invite access” on the right side of the screen and put in the following:

  • Name: Marc Hyde
  • Email:
  • Permission: Domain and Purchases
Invite Email Delegate Access

That’s it!

Other Instructions