Step 3: After Website Launch

After we launch your website, you can go in and edit key components on your website! Here’s the various areas that you can edit:

  1. Login into the backend of your website via the URL, username, and password that was provided to you
  2. “Global Options” that control all of the text and pictures on the website
  3. “Envira Gallery” to control the project gallery
  4. View past contact form entries via “Fluent Forms Pro” > Entries
  5. View website stats

In this walk through, we’ll primarily walk you through the Global Options and the Envira Gallery.

Screenshot of the Dashboard

Wordpress Dashboard

Edit Global Options

To edit any part of your website, you do it inside of the Global Options. You simple edit the text or images that you see on the backend and after you save, it will appear on the front end! To save your changes, click the blue “save” button.

Global Options

Edit Project Gallery

To add, change, or remove images from your project gallery, click “Envira Gallery.” Then, click the gallery name:

Envira Gallery

You can then drag new images into the image box or click to add new images. You can drop and drop the images below the “add image” box so that you can choose the order of the images. When you’re all done, click the green “Update” button.

Envira Gallery Screen

Other Instructions