Why Google Reviews Matter For Your Small Business

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Google reviews have become one of the most impactful digital marketing strategies for local businesses. As the number one search engine, Google remains the primary way that customers search for and discover local services in their area. Positive reviews displayed prominently on a company’s Google Business Profile can significantly boost both trust and discoverability online.

There are several key reasons why acquiring Google reviews is so important for local businesses:

Brand Trust

Consumers place a huge emphasis on online reviews and recommendations when deciding between local business options. According to data, 85% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Having numerous positive reviews helps build customer confidence and trust in a brand.

Search Engine Rankings

Reviews also directly impact a business’s search engine optimization (SEO). With frequent reviews updating their profile, a company has a better chance of ranking at the top of local Google search results for relevant keywords. This gives them a competitive advantage over similar businesses with fewer reviews in the same local area.

Website Traffic

As brand trust and local SEO increase, so too will overall website traffic from organic Google searches. More reviews raise awareness of the business both online and offline. 

Customer Service Perception

By making it easy for customers to leave feedback, reviews give businesses valuable insights into how they are performing. It also publicly demonstrates the level of service customers can expect, attracting new clientele.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

While positive reviews are ideal, businesses still need strategies for addressing occasional negative or anomalous reviews. The most effective approach is to remain polite and focus on resolution over accusations. 

If a review is found to violate a Google policy through being factually incorrect or containing inappropriate content, businesses do have the option to report it for potential removal. However, this option should only be used as a last resort for clearly deceptive reviews, not simply negative opinions.

Anonymized reviews still provide value by showing overall customer sentiment and service quality over time. The best way for businesses to mitigate any single anonymous negative review is by promoting their review collection channels to acquire more positive feedback from verified customers.

Tactics for Collecting More Google Reviews

There are some practical tactics local businesses can use to significantly increase their Google review count over time:

Verify the Google Business Profile

This confirms the accuracy of business information and allows customers to directly leave reviews on the profile. Verification is required before reviews can be collected. 

Create a “One Click” Review Link

Access the “Ask for Reviews” module within the verified profile to generate a unique URL link to make it very easy for customers to leave feedback from any device. With Get Found Locally, we will use this link as a part of your review app request.

Politely Ask Customers for Reviews

This is where Get Found Locally comes into play! With our review request app, you are able to quickly request for a review (both via a text message and email) as soon as you leave the job site. This way, you can be sure to not forget to ask later.

Respond to Reviews

Thank all reviewers personally. Address any issues respectfully to retain trust while clarifying factual errors or misunderstandings.

Regular collection of reviews using these techniques helps build a strong reputation over time on Google maps and searches that drives more local customers.


With customers placing growing value on online reviews and recommendations, Google reviews have become essential for any local business to monitor and actively promote. Those who make it easy for clients to leave frequent, verified feedback see substantial returns in the form of increased brand trust, organic traffic, and search ranking potential against competitors. With simple yet consistent effort, any local company can take advantage of this powerful digital tool.

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